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A913285065: <i>The Hanson Buck; </i> Original Oil Painting

The Hanson Buck;  Original Oil Painting

by Ron Van Gilder
"It was late afternoon when I came upon the buck scrape. What size buck would make a scrape four feet long and half as wide? The answer, in the form of a fresh rub, was a few yards up the trail. The top was even with my eyes, which put it at five feet on level ground. They do indeed grow big whitetails in Saskatchewan! The biggest of all may have walked this trail. I was hunting with my camera and traveling to meet Milo Hanson, the one man who knows just how impressive a whitetail can be. Milo had claimed the new typical world record, replacing Jim Jordan's buck shot in 1914."
Boone & Crockett Typical World Record, Score: 213-5/8. Original oil painting by Ron Van Gilder. Image size, 24" x 43".
Product Specifications
Product Type:Original Oil PaintingOrigin:Made in USA
Brand:Wild WingsDisplay Location:Wall Mount