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A540451002: <i>Leveling Off—Pintails; </i> Original Oil Painting

Leveling Off—Pintails;  Original Oil Painting

by David A. Maass
"While pintails inhabit most of North America, they are mainly found in the western part of the continent. On the water, pintails float higher than other ducks and the drakes are very elegant with long, slender white necks and their pointed tails swept upwards. The 'sprig,' as they are often called, depicted in this painting are dropping in fast, with wings set, at a much steeper angle than other ducks would do it -- at the last minute (leveling off) for a graceful landing." - David A. Maass
Original oil painting featuring pintails by David A. Maass. 24" x 32"
Product Specifications
Product Type:Original Oil PaintingOrigin:Made in USA
Brand:Wild WingsDisplay Location:Wall Mount