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A540000421: <i>Autumn Birch—Woodcock; </i> Original Oil Painting

Autumn Birch—Woodcock;  Original Oil Painting

by David A. Maass
"The American Woodcock, sometimes called 'timberdoodle', is a small migratory game bird that is very popular with a select group of upland bird hunters. Woodcock inhabit low land hardwood forests, mainly in the eastern part of the country, especially where one of their favorite foods, the earthworm, can be found. The sexes are quite similar and the single bird I have shown here could be either. While this Woodcock is quite out in the open, it is so well camouflaged by the colors in its feathers, it would very likely not be seen. This low area with a stand of old birches is ideal woodcock habitat." - David A. Maass
Original oil painting by David A. Maass. 24" x 36"
Product Specifications
Product Type:Original Oil PaintingOrigin:Made in USA
Brand:Wild WingsDisplay Location:Wall Mount