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A483200089: <i>Christmas at Grandpap's Cabin; </i> Original Oil Painting

Christmas at Grandpap's Cabin;  Original Oil Painting

by William A. S. Kreutz
Fishing, boating, swimming and more... summer was great... but the Christmas holidays brought a whole new bunch of fun to Grandpa's cabin. There was a special trip to the woods to cut two big Christmas trees... one for inside, and an even bigger one for outside. There was firewood to chop, there were wreaths and garlands to hang, trees to trim and best of all, there were big, bright, colored lights to run up the flagpole. An old red scarf and a battered hat topped off the snowman. His job was to greet visitors (perhaps even Santa) from the front dock. And even though frost was collecting on the windows, you knew that Grandma's delicious cooking and a toasty fire were waiting for you just inside the cabin that Grandpa had built with his own two hands. "Maybe Christmas at Grandpa's cabin was even better than summer... well, maybe!
Original oil painting by William Kreutz. Image size 20" x 24".
Product Specifications
Product Type:Original Oil PaintingOrigin:Made in USA
Brand:Wild WingsDisplay Location:Wall Mount