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6567460074: <i>Raccoon Tracks; </i> Sculpture

Raccoon Tracks;  Sculpture

by Stephen Herrero
The Raccoon (Procyon lotor) tracks are hand-shaped with a diameter that measures2 to 3 inches across. They register five finger-like toes in both front and hindfeet and also often register small claws. Their tracks are asymmetrical. Their foot pad is roughly C-shaped. Front tracks have longer toes that are more spreadapart. Hind feet often register a larger palm and heel pad. Raccoons have a unique walking gait which results in a trail pattern where front and hind tracksfrom opposite sides of the body register next to each. Step lengths in this gaitvary from 10 to 18 inches. Raccoons will also utilize lopes and gallops when avoiding danger. Cold cast and realistically hand-painted. Tabletop or wall presentation. Includes educational facts on each animal on back of sculpture. 3-1/2"H x 3-1/4"W x 3/4"D.
Product Details
  • Includes educational facts about animal
  • Tabletop or wall presentation
  • Cold cast & skillfully hand-painted
Product Specifications
Orientation:PortraitProduct Type:Sculpture
Height:3.5"Brand:Mill Creek
Width:3.25"Edition:Open Edition
Depth:.75"Display Location:Wall or Tabletop
Raccoon Tracks;  Sculpture
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