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6567384670: <i>Summit—Bighorn Ram; </i> Sculpture

Summit—Bighorn Ram;  Sculpture

by Joe Slockbower
Bighorn sheep are named for their large, curved horns. Unlike species of deer, bighorn sheep retain their horns year-round without shedding them. Their physical adaptations protect their brain during massive impacts in which dominance is established among males for breeding rights. Females (ewes) also grow horns, but they exhibit less curvature and are shorter. Cold cast and hand painted in fine detail. 7"H 3"W x 3"D.
Product Details
  • Cold cast
  • Realistically hand-painted
Product Specifications
Height:7"Brand:Mill Creek
Width:3"Edition:Open Edition
Depth:3"Origin:Made in China
Product Type:SculptureDisplay Location:Tabletop
Summit—Bighorn Ram;  Sculpture
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