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Wildlife art has been a staple for many, many years when it comes to celebrating the beauty of wildlife and the outdoors as part of d├ęcor in homes and recreational cabins across America, Canada and the world!

Wild Wings is the leading publisher and producer of wildlife art and sporting and nostalgic American art. Offering over 1,000 wildlife and outdoor related images, with artwork from over 75 of America's top wildlife artists, you're bound to find and select a print or canvas that supports the foundation for creating your rustic or lodge-themed home decor.

Shop through and select numerous wildlife art generes, including big game, upland birds, waterfowl, songbirds, raptors, wolves, rural scenes, fishing, ocean life and more.
Fish & Marine Life(367)
Floral & Plant Life(2066)
Human Element(2315)
Natural Element(3226)
Artist Name
Anthony Padgett(59)
Bob Barnette(9)
Bob Bertram(2)
Bob Byerley(22)
Bob Metropulos(1)
Brett Longley(90)
Brian Heaphy(2)
Brian Keller(9)
Caly Garris(19)
Catherine McClung(1)
Cherie Serrano(19)
Chris Cummings(286)
Christopher Nick(1)
Connie Haley(4)
Dan Wiemer(10)
Daryl Poulin(24)
Dave Swartz(3)
David A. Maass(243)
David Hagan(3)
David Wenzel(17)
Don Ray(26)
Donna Jensen(2)
Dustin Van Wechel(10)
Fred Boyer(1)
Gary Patterson(17)
Gene Stevens(2)
Geoff Hager(1)
George Lavanish(1)
George Lockwood(3)
Grant Hacking(14)
Greg Messier(2)
Jack Hagerman(11)
Jan Stommes(2)
Janene Grende(89)
Jason Rich(50)
Jim Brandenburg(9)
Jim Hautman(26)
Jim Kasper(276)
Jim Killen(157)
Jim Lamb(22)
Jim Rataczak(5)
Jocelyn Beatty(8)
John Aldrich(56)
John Hardginski(1)
John Lofgreen(6)
John S Wilson(8)
Jon Ren(23)
Judy Syring(18)
Julie Ibar(11)
Kerne Erickson(1)
Kirsten Niedzwecki(3)
Larry Beckstein(54)
Larry Deacon(6)
Laurie J Lee(31)
Lee Kromschroeder(158)
Lee Stroncek(46)
Marc Hanson(38)
Mark A Susinno(188)
Mark Kness(2)
Marsie Danielson(11)
Meg Harper(15)
Mia Lane(8)
Michael Gnatek JR(3)
Michael Sieve(466)
Nancy Glazier-Koehler(4)
Neal Anderson(36)
Ned Young(15)
Owen Gromme(1)
Pamela Parker(3)
Persis Clayton Weirs(243)
Peter Mathios(25)
Phil Scholer(4)
Randall Scott(61)
Richard Burns(5)
Rick Kelley(1)
Robert Abbett(42)
Robert Duncan(3)
Robert Hautman(3)
Rollie Brandt(53)
Ron Gramling(1)
Ron Van Gilder(268)
Rosemary Millette(515)
Russ Docken(38)
Sam Timm(166)
Sandy Hokanson(2)
Scot Storm(188)
Shirley Cleary(8)
Steve R. Kozar(79)
Steven Scott(1)
Susan Bourdet(297)
Susan Jordan(9)
Susan Knowles-Jordan(8)
Terry Redlin(1507)
Thomas Moen(3)
Tom Antonishak(5)
Tom Wosika(13)
Travis Melin(16)
Valeria Yost(48)
Vic Schendel(54)
Wayne Meineke(3)
Wendy Butler-Montgomery(3)
Wild Wings(35)
William A. S. Kreutz(10)
Float Mount(28)
Wrap & Frame(4)
Signature Edition(121)
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Dusty Plains—Bison
Art Collection  (3 items)
by Rosemary Millette
$215.00  to  $495.00
Farm Truck—Whitetail Deer
Personalized Framed Canvas
by Anthony Padgett
New!  Fall Festival—Golden Retriever
Art Collection  (3 items)
by John Aldrich
$54.95  to  $89.95
Caught by Light—Cougar
Wrapped Canvas
by Lee Kromschroeder
Wolf in Training—Timberwolf
Art Collection  (4 items)
by Neal Anderson
$39.95  to  $74.95
Fall Festival—Golden Retriever
Framed Inspirational Oval
by John Aldrich
Dusty Plains—Bison
Framed Gallery Canvas
by Rosemary Millette
Who's Who—Kittens
Framed Canvas Oval
by John Aldrich
Evening Rehearsals
Lighted Wrapped Canvas
by Terry Redlin
Christmas Tree
Lighted Wrapped Canvas
by Catherine McClung
First Dusting—Pheasants
Wrapped Canvas
by Rosemary Millette
Evening Solitude II
Framed Encore Canvas
by Terry Redlin
Taking Off—Horses
Art Collection  (6 items)
by Chris Cummings
$145.00  to  $420.00
Taking Off—Horses
Framed Limited Edition Print
by Chris Cummings
Butterfly Dance—Golden Retriever
Art Collection  (2 items)
$64.95  to  $89.95
Snow Wolf
Art Collection  (2 items)
by Russ Docken
$54.95  to  $105.00
Wolf in Training—Timberwolf
Inspirational Wrapped Canvas
by Neal Anderson
New!  All Hands on Deck—Lab Puppies
Personalized Wrapped Canvas
by Rosemary Millette
New!  Wintering Quail
Wrapped Canvas
by Owen Gromme
Evening with Friends
Lighted Wrapped Canvas
by Terry Redlin
Midnight Watch—Barn Owl
Art Collection  (2 items)
$45.00  to  $195.00
On the Shimmering Trail
Art Collection  (2 items)
by Jason Rich
$54.95  to  $215.00
Distant Thunder
Art Collection  (7 items)
by Rosemary Millette
$64.95  to  $245.00
Midnight Watch—Barn Owl
Framed Print
by Jon Ren
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