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Whether you're a duck or goose hunter, a decoy collector, or a sculpture appreciator, you'll enjoy these beautiful waterfowl sculptures from Wild Wings's collection.

Cold cast and skillfully hand painted, our waterfowl sculptures reflect multiple styles, from vibrantly realistic to abstractly representational to traditionally hand carved. If you have a favorite waterfowl species, we offer it: our species choices include mallard, pintail, wood duck, goose, loon, swan, and more. Our waterfowl sculptures and decoys are made for either wall-hanging or tabletop display, so they're perfect for that empty space on either the wall or a shelf in your cabin- or outdoor-themed room.
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Lawrence Oliver(1)
Phil Galatas(4)
Sam Nottleman(24)
Stephen Herrero(3)
Terry Redlin(1)
Wayne Murray(3)
Loon Lake(24)
Wild Wings(7)
Mill Creek(4)
Terry Redlin(1)
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39 ItemsPage 2 of 2< Prev12