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Look no farther than Wild Wings's extensive collection of rustic wall decor when decorating your cabin or outdoor-inspired home!

Our rustic wall decor includes hundreds of pieces of wall art and home decor, including rustic mirrors, metal wall art, stained glass, wildlife and nature calendars, collector plates, wall sculptures, welcome signs, clocks, and much more. Featuring artwork by our acclaimed wildlife and nature artists, each piece of our rustic wall decor is strikingly beautiful and one of a kind. Whether you're decor shopping for your own cabin or home or for a gift for a friend, you'll find exactly what you're looking for in our captivating collection!
Lodge & Cabin(92)
Sunrise & Sunset(39)
Native American(36)
Fish & Marine Life(24)
Floral & Plant Life(189)
Human Element(223)
Natural Element(146)
Artist Name
Anthony Padgett(3)
Bill Zierke(1)
Bob Metropulos(3)
Caly Garris(1)
Catherine McClung(1)
Cherie Serrano(1)
Chris Cummings(9)
Connie Haley(1)
Daniel Pollera(5)
Daryl Poulin(3)
Dave Swartz(2)
David A. Maass(10)
Dustin Van Wechel(1)
Gene Stevens(2)
Grant Hacking(2)
Janene Grende(4)
Jim Kasper(9)
Jim Killen(8)
Jim Lamb(1)
John Aldrich(1)
John Lofgreen(1)
John S Wilson(1)
Jon Ren(2)
Judy Syring(3)
Larry Beckstein(3)
Laurie J Lee(2)
Lee Kromschroeder(6)
Lee Stroncek(3)
Manda Baldwin(1)
Marc Hanson(1)
Marjolein Bastin(22)
Mark A Susinno(11)
Mia Lane(1)
Michael Sieve(23)
Ned Young(3)
Persis Clayton Weirs(26)
Peter Mathios(3)
Robert Duncan(1)
Rollie Brandt(5)
Ron Schmidt(1)
Ron Van Gilder(4)
Rosemary Millette(84)
Russ Docken(1)
Sam Timm(12)
Scot Storm(8)
Steve R. Kozar(2)
Steven Scott(1)
Susan Bourdet(14)
Susan Knowles-Jordan(2)
Terry Redlin(131)
Thomas Kinkade(14)
Thomas Kinkade Studios(3)
Tom Wosika(1)
Tony Hilscher(1)
Valeria Yost(3)
Wild Wings(22)
William A. S. Kreutz(1)
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Hidden Fawn
Stained Glass Art
by Marjolein Bastin
New!  Beyond the Woods 2020 Calendar
by Michael Sieve
New!  Terry Redlin 2020 Calendar
by Terry Redlin
New!  Great Horned Owl
Stained Glass Art
by Rosemary Millette
New!  Horses in the Mist 2020 Calendar
Body Language—Wolves
Stained Glass Art
by Lee Kromschroeder
Autumn Leaves
Metal Wall Art (Set of 3)
Standard Oak Calendar Frame
Hummingbirds and Flower
Stained Glass
Fencepost Perch—Kestrel
Stained Glass Art
by Rosemary Millette
New!  Quiet Time—Horses
Stained Glass Art
by Chris Cummings
Red-tailed Hawk
Stained Glass Art
by John S Wilson
Woodland Mist—Whitetail Deer
Stained Glass Art
by Rosemary Millette
New!  Love of Cats 2020 Calendar
by Persis Clayton Weirs
Nightfall Indian Village
Metal Wall Art
Enamel Wall Art
Enamel Wall Art
Screech Owl Canvas Clock
by Rosemary Millette
New!  Meadowland 2020 Calendar
by Sam Timm
Enamel Wall Art
Rocky Outcrop—Bear
Stained Glass Art
by Rosemary Millette
Ringneck Pheasant
Metal Wall Art
New!  Wood Duck Flock
Metal Wall Art
Weathered American Flag
Metal Wall Art
New!  Four Seasons 2020 Calendar
by Lee Stroncek
New!  Songbirds 2020 Calendar
by Susan Bourdet
New!  All Hands on Deck—Puppies Canvas Clock
by Rosemary Millette
Love of Pets—Golden Retriever Canvas Clock
by John Aldrich
Twigs & Antlers Wreath
$69.95  Sale!  $54.99
Enamel Wall Art
Rough Water—Loon
Stained Glass Art
by Sam Timm
New!  On the Farm 2020 Calendar
by Bill Zierke
Above The Mist—Bald Eagle Canvas Clock
by Persis Clayton Weirs
New!  Wild America Calendar
by Jim Kasper
Teak Mirror
New!  Twilight—Tree
Large Decorative Mirror
by Judy Syring
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