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Robert Hautman was inspired by parents to pursue creating his artwork and supported in his endeavors by his entire family, most of which is also artistic; his two brothers, Jim and Joe, are also highly accomplished wildlife artist. Robert began his art career in 1983 by selling his artwork at local fairs. He has been actively painting since then, and now lives and paints in Minnesota.

Robert Hautman prefers to do a color study of each of his artworks before he begins to paint final piece. Because of this, the color interaction in each of his paintings is poignantly evident. Additionally, Hautman is known for his use of dramatic lighting and detailed realism in his frequently wide-perspective scenes. His typical subject is waterfowl, such as canvasbacks, pintails, and Canada geese.

Robert Hautman's artwork appears on several conservation stamps, including the Federal Duck Stapm twice, the Texas Duck Stamp, and the New Jersey Duck Stamp. He is always very supportive of conservation efforts, and is passionate about restoring his own land to the original wetlands and prairie. He says, "If someone comes away from viewing my work feeling a commitment to preserving and maintaining the delicate balance of our natural resources, then I feel successful."
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