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Quail art highlights how well the small birds are camouflaged with their natural surroundings while also subtly contrasting with it just enough that they're not invisible. Whether in fields, woods, or near farmyards, quail naturally complement their background to create scenes with beautiful color tones perfect for artistic representation.

Wild Wings offers a variety of types of quail art, including paintings, prints, and drawings, all celebrating the quaint charm of quail in their natural habitat. From nationally-recognized wildlife artists, the pieces in our quail art collection capture that moment of surprise of suddenly finding the little brown birds you may not have even known were there.
Artist Name
Jack Hagerman(5)
Jim Kasper(2)
Michael Sieve(2)
Owen Gromme(1)
Robert Abbett(3)
Rosemary Millette(5)
19 ItemsPage 1 of 1
19 ItemsPage 1 of 1