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Moose artwork exhibits how impressively the spirit of power and majesty of the mountains and nature can be represented by the presence of one animal. Undeniably, the moose is the true king of the mountain, and his regal stance and form dominate any scene in which he stands.

At Wild Wings, we understand that moose art is one of the best ways to capture this noble creature in all his glory. Explore our collection of moose artwork, comprised of original paintings, prints, and photographs, all from the most distinguished artists in the wildlife art genre.
Artist Name
Anthony Padgett(3)
Brett Longley(1)
Donna Jensen(1)
Dustin Van Wechel(3)
Janene Grende(2)
Jim Kasper(37)
Judy Syring(1)
Lee Kromschroeder(1)
Lee Stroncek(3)
Marsie Danielson(2)
Michael Sieve(11)
Persis Clayton Weirs(5)
Ron Van Gilder(12)
Rosemary Millette(1)
Sam Timm(3)
Susan Knowles-Jordan(2)