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Lighted canvas art is an amazing way to showcase your art pieces and bring outdoor and country living scenes to life. Whether it's a flickering firelight or setting sun, the LED lights installed in the wrapped canvas add an extra spark to these beautiful pieces of artwork.

At Wild Wings, we share your love of both art and nature. Combine both experiences into one with our lighted canvas art, which helps you feel like you're really standing in the peaceful nature and outdoor scenes.
Artist Name
Anthony Padgett(3)
Catherine McClung(1)
David Hagan(1)
Jim Kasper(1)
Laurie J Lee(1)
Michael Sieve(1)
Persis Clayton Weirs(3)
Rollie Brandt(1)
Rosemary Millette(1)
Sam Timm(13)
Scot Storm(3)
Terry Redlin(7)
Valeria Yost(2)
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40 ItemsPage 1 of 212Next >