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Jim Rataczak grew up on a lake in Minnesota, drawing and painting artwork of the natural world around him, especially birds. He began college intending to study art, but instead decided to pursue science, graduating with a B.S. in biology at University of Notre Dame and earning a Master's from University of Michigan. After receiving a fellowship from Delta Waterfowl Research Station in Canada to further study birds, his love for painting them was reawakened and he decided to return to a life of artmaking. Through practicing, he discovered his preferred approach to painting is to capture the essence of his subjects with field sketches before beginning a painting. He now lives again in Minnesota, where he continues to grow in his skills and widen his acclaim in the wildlife artworld.

Jim Rataczak's artwork typically features the subjects for which he's famousbirds. From songbirds to upland game birds to waterfowl, there is hardly a bird he hasn't committed to canvas. His compositions are usually rendered in soft, pastel-like tones, creating a sense of peaceful harmony with his subjects and their natural surroundings.

Rataczak has participated and placed well in several prestigious art competitions, including the National Wildlife Art Show, and has shown his art in many galleries and exhibitions. His artwork has also appeared in many art and wildlife publications. He says, My hope is that my work will encourage viewers to take a second look at the natural world, to make them want to be outside and deepen their own connections with nature.
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