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Through continual encouragement from his mother, Bob Bertram developed an interest in art at early age. He attended Murray State University and graduated with a BFA in graphic design and illustration. After a successful career in advertising while painting on the side, he decided to leave his job and pursue freelance art in 1990. He continued to work as a freelancer for several years until choosing to devote more of his time to creating his original paintings. Now lives in Missouri with his family.

Bob Bertram's original paintings typically fall into four broad categories: Dogs, birds, landscapes, and still life compositions. As an artist, he is known for his ability to represent the energy and personality of his subjects, paying special attention to the authenticity of the figure's pose and the detail of the eyes. He commonly uses oil paints to create his works.

Bertram enjoys the physical process of painting and laments that the rise of the computer age diminishes that process. In his artist statement, he says, "I paint because I enjoy the process from the initial development of the idea to the last session when the final strokes are applied. I paint because I have just always felt I was meant to be a painter. That, and I just don't do anything else in this world particularly well."
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