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Our Wild Wings sale items are a selection of our beautiful products—all at a very attractive rate! From wildlife artwork to outdoor-themed home accents to nature-inspired clothing and jewelry, any of our sale items will make a perfect gift, or even a guilt-free treat for you!

Whether you know exactly what you're looking for or are hoping to stumble on a perfect piece, take a glance through Wild Wings's sale items, all made with the same quality and beauty you expect to find at Wild Wings. We're sure you'll find exactly what you need at a budget-friendly price!
Sunrise & Sunset(22)
Lodge & Cabin(21)
Native American(9)
Fish & Marine Life(9)
Floral & Plant Life(196)
Human Element(132)
Natural Element(181)
Artist Name
Anthony Padgett(12)
Arthur G. Anderson(1)
Bob Metropulos(1)
Brett Longley(1)
Chris Cummings(6)
Daniel Pollera(9)
Danny Edwards(1)
Daryl Poulin(3)
David A. Maass(3)
David Hagan(1)
David Wenzel(6)
Don Ray(2)
Gene Stevens(2)
George Lockwood(3)
Greg Messier(1)
Jack Hagerman(2)
Jan Stommes(5)
Janene Grende(10)
Jim Kasper(18)
Jim Killen(3)
Jim Rataczak(1)
Jocelyn Beatty(1)
John Aldrich(6)
John Lofgreen(2)
John S Wilson(1)
Jon Ren(5)
Larry Beckstein(5)
Larry Deacon(1)
Lawrence Oliver(2)
Lee Dubin(1)
Lee Kromschroeder(7)
Lee Stroncek(7)
Marc Hanson(3)
Mark A Susinno(2)
Marsie Danielson(1)
Mia Lane(2)
Michael Sieve(24)
Nancy Glazier-Koehler(1)
Ned Young(1)
Persis Clayton Weirs(35)
Peter Mathios(10)
Phil Galatas(1)
Randal Martin(2)
Robert Abbett(1)
Rollie Brandt(3)
Ron Van Gilder(14)
Rosemary Millette(35)
Russ Docken(6)
Sam Nottleman(4)
Sam Timm(25)
Scot Storm(14)
Shirley Cleary(3)
Stephen Herrero(4)
Steve R. Kozar(17)
Susan Bourdet(16)
Terry Redlin(18)
Tom Wosika(5)
Valeria Yost(10)
Vic Schendel(9)
Wendy Butler-Montgomery(1)
Wild Wings(8)
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Chickadees & Holly Santa
$69.95  Sale!  $29.99
Saw Whet Owl in Tree
Wall Sculpture
by Randal Martin
$71.95  Sale!  $49.99
Head of the Pack—Wolf
by Stephen Herrero
$190.00  Sale!  $150.00
Golden Eagle
by Randal Martin
$110.00  Sale!  $59.99
Moose Dinnerware Collection
$110.00  Sale!  $79.99
Flying Pintail
Wall Sculpture
by Sam Nottleman
$190.00  Sale!  $99.99
Imago Sculpture
by Lawrence Oliver
$99.95  Sale!  $79.99
by Phil Galatas
$95.95  Sale!  $79.95
Warmed by the Glow
Lighted Wrapped Canvas
by Sam Timm
$35.95  Sale!  $19.99
Return of the Stolen Ponies
Framed Artist Proof Print
by Daryl Poulin
$375.00  Sale!  $325.00
Libery Lager
Small Advertising Mirror
by Persis Clayton Weirs
$79.95  Sale!  $59.99
Pintail Ale
Large Advertising Mirror
by David A. Maass
$120.00  Sale!  $69.99
Silent Night
Lighted Wrapped Canvas
by David Hagan
$35.95  Sale!  $19.99
Flying Bald Eagle & Fish
by Sam Nottleman
$195.00  Sale!  $129.99
Bear Gulch Saloon
Small Advertising Mirror
by Rosemary Millette
$79.95  Sale!  $59.99
A Cozy Christmas
Lighted Wrapped Canvas
by Sam Timm
$35.95  Sale!  $19.99
Wonderful Life Snowman
Lighted Wrapped Canvas
by Sam Timm
$35.95  Sale!  $19.99
Pinecone Casserole
by Persis Clayton Weirs
$41.95  Sale!  $34.95
Backwater Passage—Deer
Inspirational Wrapped Canvas
by Rosemary Millette
$54.95  Sale!  $44.95
Snowmen Ornament (Set of 3)
by Terry Redlin
$94.95  Sale!  $24.99
Flying Canada Goose
Wall Sculpture
by Sam Nottleman
$190.00  Sale!  $99.99
Serendipity Loops
Imago Sculpture
by Lawrence Oliver
$39.95  Sale!  $29.95
Time to Get—Moose
GNA Premium+ Framed Print
by Jim Kasper
$200.00  Sale!  $175.00
Large Acorn Basket
$64.95  Sale!  $39.99
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