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Frank DiVita was born in Italy, but moved to Canada and then Montana as a child. He claims he is inspired by a combination of Renaissance artwork and a passionate interest in wildlife and nature. Before pursing his art career, he worked various art-related jobs, such as a textbook illustrator and a high school art teacher. He began as a gouache painter, but turned to sculpting because he felt he could more accurately represent his subjects as he saw them in his mind's eye with sculpture rather than painting.

DaVita designs each of his art pieces in clay, then stays closely involved in the bronze casting process from the clay originals. He most often sculpts waterfowl and birds, expertly capturing the energy of feathers in flight, though he also represents botanical subjects, such as flowers, as well.

Frank DiVita's artwork is housed in many individual and corporate collections worldwide. Though he is entreated to create more bronze castings from his clay originals, he refuses to subject his pieces to mass production; the casting process is so delicate that it often results in differences, changing the integrity of the original sculpture.